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Desktop Computer Repair

Most computers don’t need to be replaced if they only are used for email, Web Browsing, Face booking and general home use. We can usually repair your older system, however, we specialize in high quality Windows 7 refurbished computers if replacement is needed.

We can also supply used parts to keep yours running at a fraction of the cost of new system.

We will provide free professional advice regarding your system.

Physical Cleaning

One of the things computers are real good at is collecting dust & dirt. We have seen everything from spider webs and pet hair to mice. When left unaddressed, your computer may be unable to cool itself off properly which may result in irreversible damage. We remove all foreign objects and clean the machine internally with attention to detail in where dust and dirt could collect, and finally we replace, if necessary, the important chemical (compound) between the heat sink and the processor which helps move the heat away from the surface of the processor.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Our computers are exposed to risk of infections anytime we are on the Internet. If exposed and infections are not removed, they can cause problem such as shutdowns and loss of data. We are usually able to remove most viruses and spyware from your computer system. We use Panda Anti-Virus and Interne Security Products.

Used Desktops

  • Are you on a tight budget or looking for a starter computer?
  • We carry a complete line of refurbished desktop computers.
  • All our systems come complete with keyboard and mouse, burner, internet ready, a legal copy of Windows including disk and Microsoft code.
  • We service and warranty everything we sell.
  • The systems we sell change almost daily. Please call or email for information on what we have in stock.

Local 204-222-1076

Toll free 1-877-296-7784